Seasonal symptoms

Nightmares that tear at the fabric of sleep

days lost to depression at the hatred in speech

news of no relevance or negatively biased

pessimism reigning over hope’s tender blossoms.

I remember the tears flowing freely last year

as we watched a new president’s inaugural address

how much have we lost in the days since then

in millions of dollars and time and emotion?

we cannot move forward when divided by anger

while the greedy snicker at the success of their lies

seasonal symptoms of Christmas once were

irrational giving, impulsive compassion,

this year what has greeted the coming of Christmas?

a doctrine of  hatred, division, and strife

promoted by powerful voices that scream

and besiege us with dark, fearful visions they see

what has now happened to the world we share?

we are fractured, and splintered, against one another

let’s vow to let no one and nothing divide us

let’s look to the river that flows through us all

of love, of forgiveness, of charity, of light

and turn our attention away from the voices

that play up our hatred, our selfishness, our fear

they cannot succeed if we refuse to listen

let’s open our ears to our hearts’ cries for mercy

and see how much strength we all share in our union

as humans on a journey from form to divine,

as humans on a journey from form to divine.

May love reign.  May peace prevail.


Published by janetlandis

I am a mother, a nurse, a caregiver and a writer.

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