Luna and the moon

I awoke some time around 3:00 and saw the room bathed in silver light.  Wondering who could have left the light on, I checked and found myself at the window staring up at the most beautiful, full moon I’ve seen in months.  I am so lucky to live in a house where the moon pours her light in like liquid radiance.  Not wanting to wake the house, I write in the dark.  I am Luna, and the moon is calling me.  I want to run outside and follow her until dawn.  Children, yes, a wolf mother always remembers her cubs.  Mine will need my help in just a few hours.  Now though, my spirit is at one with the brilliant night.  After weeping over a DVD (sent by a dear friend) of my Mother’s funeral, I am now infused with the light that comes only in the darkness.  I don’t care how I’ll get through the morning.  The wolf blood is rising, or maybe just my primal female, and I must bathe in this radiance.  Who could spurn such an invitation?  Come with me…let us run as a pack through the damp grass, and open fields.  Let the deer also have their night, we can fill our stomachs tomorrow.  This is a morning/night to race the brilliant rays of light until we cannot run anymore.  Come.  Join me…..we will not regret our adventure.  The moon is ever there, but tonight she gives us the delight of her full face to gaze at in wonder.  Let us run without stopping, at one with the moon.

Published by janetlandis

I am a mother, a nurse, a caregiver and a writer.

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