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Looking at loss

How do I learn to look upon loss with the eyes of compassion? With tenderness?

When loss has felt like being thrashed and left broken on an endless road?

Fragments of memory, cut by explosions of rage from fabric crafted with love.

Love, a life raft and a drowning, a tiny tree standing defiant and resilient against an inferno.

Loss, incoherent, chaotic and unpredictable

Sew me back together and trim my ragged edges with blue satin so I can wrap myself in it and find some comfort from the cold. Something of beauty as a lifeline in the darkness.

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  1. Marcia Parker #

    Dear Janet and family, I so appreciate the way your poignant, attention-riveting word choices reflect the upheaval of your life with Daniel. I know there were other redemptive, beautiful glimpses into other aspects of that life, but they struggle to rise to the surface. I remember his beautiful smile and “knowing gaze” into the camera. My Lindsay shared the same expression with us during her time of suffering before leaving us.

    Strength and peace as you continue to grieve,

    May 20, 2020
    • Marcia can you send me an email address so I can contact you? Not in a spam or otherwise weird way, just as someone who understands?

      May 20, 2020

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