For Odie

Goodbye, our dear companion,

Who ran every trail with us,

Slept beside us and our children.

You rescued us,

Left tied to the door of an ASPCA shelter,

Alone in the cold night.

Fostered in a condo too small,

For your great spirit.

You appeared in our lives at the perfect moment.

You created a love for each other,

That transformed us,

Never to be the same.

You never stopped learning,

So intelligent,

So full of empathy for your humans,

As we stumbled to learn with you.

You brought us light,

In times of darkness,

Joy in times of sorrow,

Peace in times of turbulence.

A best friend,

Who listened without judgement,

A balm to wounds that were so deep.

How can we possibly say goodbye?

We can’t.

Only farewell, for now, our dear one.

We know you will wait for us,

To rescue us once again,

From fear, from our innate refusal,

To embrace the fragility of life.

We will dream of you,

Running the miles of road and woods,

Navigating the unknown.

You lead us on the path before us,

And we will never be without you.

Your perfect love that made us whole,

By chance or some divine intervention.

We let you go,

Only to give you the peace,

You gave us.

Here or gone,

It is you who have owned us,

Never the other way around.

Goodbye and goodnight our sweet love,

And safe travels to that place,

Where Dan and Drake and Winston,

Are waiting to greet you,

And where we will join you,

Some joyous day.

Published by janetlandis

I am a mother, a nurse, a caregiver and a writer.

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