What is wisdom,

Without the admission of ignorance?

What is courage,

Without the admission of fear?

What is love,

Without the admission of hatred?

The dualistic world where we live,

Creates opposites,

Fooling us to fall,

Into confusion and fear.

And what is true?

It lies in the white matter,

The frontal lobes,

Divorced from the heart,

An entity of ignorance.

The animals have a secret,

Not having eaten of the Apple.

They do not linger,

In memories or dreams of the future,

But live breath to breath,

Without the plague of thinking.

Without the burden of suffering.

That is their grace,

Their freedom,

Which we are doomed to envy,

In this hallowed hall of thoughts

And self awareness.

Published by janetlandis

I am a mother, a nurse, a caregiver and a writer.

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  1. wow JANET..THIS IS REALLY AN IMPRESSIVE PIECE OF WRITING…SHABASH!! sending love and good thoughts your way…xoxox Mary Keep up the good work..as mom and dad would always say…and now ME TOOOOOOOOOOO


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