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An Elegant Branch

A dark, slender branch

elegantly dressed in snow

reaches for the sun.

Snowy morning

Blades of grass poke up

through dark ovals in quartets

deer tracks in the snow.

Blizzard 2015

White, fluffy flakes dance

pirhouette in the soft wind

and fall to the earth.

Water droplets

Clear and round

Water droplets hang suspended

from bare branches.

I see the water droplets almost every morning now.  My blog is subtitled “Trying to Find The Words.”  That is the difficulty and the joy of writing.  How do you convey in language the myriad images and feelings that come to mind when you see the world around you?  How do you strip away the rich language of metaphor to get to the bones of experience?  The water droplets reflect the waning light as the earth moves away from the sun.  They mirror the colors of the dying leaves, crimson and brown.  They are still and beautiful in the cold morning.  They are full and empty.  There is peace in dwelling upon them as the busy world whirls around them.  Simple, stark, they will be gone as the sun climbs higher.  Until tomorrow, when they will appear again.


Early morning

the dark sky holds a single pearl

the luminous moon.

Spider webs

Spider webs

sticky strands jeweling dew

catch the early light.

Rain fall

Drops of cold rain fall

gently on the fallen leaves

under the bare trees.



Rose gold, shimmering,

morning sunbeams dance with dew,

glistening the grass.



Anatomy Haiku – alveoli

Closed alveoli

snap open, crackling with air

life requires the breath.

Dawn moon

Glowing, pearlescent

round white light radiating,

mist obscures the moon.

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