Cages built to protect kids from wolves at New Mexico bus stops under fire for ‘demonizing’ the endangered animals

I agree totally with the commenters. Wolves don’t attack children. Adults attack and endanger wolves!!

Exposing the Big Game

snl-106_4[If folks in New Mexico are this afraid of wolves, they must  really be paranoid of land sharks.]

Cages designed to protect children from  Mexican gray wolves at New Mexico’s bus stops have come under fire for demonizing the endangered animals, which have never attacked anyone in the  state.

Environmentalists argue the  wooden and mesh cages erected in the town of Reserve a decade ago are only furthering the misunderstanding of the animals, their behaviors and the dangers they pose [not to mention making the people of Reserve look really silly.]

But supporters of the cages – including residents and conservative anti-government organizations – insist that the animals, which were reintroduced to the area in 1998, pose a very real threat.

The  debate has resurfaced because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to  extend Endangered Species Act protections for around 75 wolves left in New  Mexico and Arizona.

The approximately 20 cages…

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