Already gone

In futile despair.

Already lost

The days and nights

By your side.

The terror of not knowing how or when,

You would be stolen from my grasp.

From my trembling fingers.

Too late now.

Ashes all that remain.

And ashes all that lie ahead.

You, who gave me so much,

And nothing I could do to repay

Or make sense of your loss.

None of it matters now,

The days and nights by your side.

All that matters,

Is who I am now.

Endless giver, who stayed by your side…

It was a joy to be there for you.

And now you are gone.

My trials and sacrifices

Lost in the sands of time.

None of it matters.

For you are not here,

To witness, to feel the hand extended.

No, like everyone you are gone,

To a place I cannot reach.

Waiting, I hope,

For a reunion.

That will welcome me,

Some form of reunion,

That will bring peace and love,

That the mother is not forgotten.

Oh my love, how perfect our loss,

When joined in reunion.

We were once one.

We were once the beauty,

Of love and sacrifice.

Brought together by time,

And love,

And forgiveness.

Published by janetlandis

I am a mother, a nurse, a caregiver and a writer.

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